The Right Way to Enhance Health and Safety in a Mining Site


Any workplace that doesn’t have some safety and health measures to avoid hazards could be bending some laws. The mining industry is one of the areas where safety and health hazards are clearly outlined and highly reinforced. Actually, mining is a great occupation, but it exposes the miners to detrimental hazards. According to those who have been in the mining engineering QLD has today, certain steps are handy in enhancing safety and health of miners:

Mining Engineering QLD

Respiratory protection

People who work near or in mines should take great care of their lungs. Some of the people who worked in coal mines or other related areas for a long time developed ‘black lungs’. Most people don’t know that whatever they breathe goes to their lungs. If you are in or near a mine, it is easy to breathe debris and dust in the air into your lungs. Proper respiratory protection is necessary for everyone exposed to mining elements. Health and safety protection is among the units that anyone taking a degree in mining engineering in QLD studies.

Hazard communication

The challenge most miners have faced is working in a mine without knowing the hazards in that area. Where possible, it is good for miners to know the nature of the hazards in the area so as to know the protection they should get. If there is any potential danger in the area and someone knows about it, they should inform those mining there. Safety labels and hazard signs are some of the tools experts in mining engineering MCA Group has today, use in hazard communication.

Explosive safety

Explosives have become a common tool in most mining activities. Even with the skills on how to use explosives on mines, people still use shortcuts. They do so thinking the knowledge and experience they have would protect them from hazards. Every mining company is expected to outline safety policies concerning how the miners should handle, use, and store explosives. Paying much attention to safety regulations is the only way to ensure safe QLD mining engineering and avoid cave-ins, serious injuries, and fatalities.

Fire safety

Fires are a major safety issue in most mining environments. Sources of fire at mining sites come in different forms and nature. If there is natural gas seeping into the mine, there would soon be fire that would burn miners. Fuel that the mining machines use could also ignite a fire at the site. Installing a system that suppresses fire in a mining site is not the only safety measure you should have. You could also watch out for fire dangers always and make alerts in case of any fire. Any company wishing to offer the best mining engineering QLD has today trains its miners on how they should handle fire hazards.

This is not all a mining company should do to enhance health and safety at a mining site. It could also improve electrical safety, fall protection, collapses, and vehicle and lift hazards. Just like it happens in any other part of the globe, mining engineering QLD has today involves using technological systems to extract minerals from the earth. If quality safety measures and policies are not outlined and implemented, mining hazards would escalate. You can also visit their website at