Tips for Stocking Your First Home with Bathroom Supplies

The bathroom is the least glamorous part of your home. But this is also something that you need to pay lots of attention to when shopping for furnishings and other essentials, especially if you are furnishing your new home. Your guests will appreciate your beautifully maintained bathroom and it will also make it comfortable for the homeowners, like you. Make sure that you have stocked your bathroom with all of the essential supplies from top bathroom shops Perth suppliers.

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According to home furnishing experts, there are at least ten bathroom essentials that you should never neglect: 

1. Shower curtain – This is an essential item to have in your bathroom in order to create a separation from your shower area to the toilet or sink. There are several types of shower curtains to choose from when you buy from bathroom shops in Perth. You can either be creative or opt for the neutral choices to blend in with your bathroom walls.

2. Good storage – Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose built-in or standalone storage solutions for your bathroom. No matter what the size or style is, you need to be creative with storing your bathroom essentials like shampoo, toothbrush, towels, etc.

3. Bath door mat – This is a must when shopping for bathroom supplies. However, you should find a durable mat with non-slip and grip quality. It is important to think about safety features within your bathroom to avoid unnecessary slips or accidents.

4. Bath towels – You need to invest in good quality, absorbent bath towels. This is a basic item that is often overlooked as far as quality is concerned. It is important to invest in good quality towels rather than constantly replacing cheap quality ones.

5. Toothbrush holder – It is important to find a good quality holder or container for your toothbrush. Make sure to choose a container with cover to properly sanitize your toothbrush.

6. Wall hooks – This is another basic item you need to have in your bathroom. This is a space-saving solution for holding your towels, bath robes and other basic bathroom items.

7. Trash can – You should provide a clean and efficient spot for throwing away used tissues or bottles. A trash bin will also help maintain the cleanliness within your bathroom.

8. Good lighting – The importance of good lighting within the bathroom cannot be overemphasized. If you choose your lighting wisely, it can also enhance the ambiance within your bathroom.

9. Bathroom mirror – You can choose to buy a bathroom mirror separately or invest in mirrored cabinets to save on your purchase. The choice will depend on the budget available.

10. Hand towels – The final list of essential for your bathroom supply is a hand towel. This is a must so that your guests will have something to wipe their hands clean when they use your bathroom and want to wash their hands.

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